Version 1.1 coming soon


a long time without updates has been passed, so shame on me. The main reason was, that I was busy at work AND I introduced some massive changes to ORCA. Currently I am testing some last features and will update the Wiki & Forum.

The changelog to the new version:

  • Introduction of online repositories:

The ORCA package will just include the core files, any further files will be downloaded by an online repository for definitions, codesets, skins, languages,…. Developer can build their own repository to offer their work easily to ORCA users.

  • Importing of definitions into definitions:

ORCA can import definitions into definitions. If you develop a definition which supports multiple devices, there is no need to copy files anymore.

  • Definition templates:

The support of definition imports opened the opportunity to develop templates for device types. Currently two templates are available: One for TV&DVB receivers, one for channel selection.

  • Orientation support:

A definition can include layouts for different orientations. The orientation will change (at startup only), if the definition will support only a specific orientation

  • Screen size support:

Developer of definitions can support different screen sizes in their definition

  • Standard elements:

The ORCA core packages includes some standard elements like Media Bar / Play Pause stop, etc for easy reuse

  • Conditional loading:

XML elements can be imported a start time based on conditions and user preferences

  • Elements tweaking:

You can adjust elements (eg the Action to trigger) remove elements, reload elements at runtime.

  • IR Database:

You can download infrared codesets online from a Infrared Code Datasets for Keene Kira and iTach.

  • Integrated tools:

Gesture recorder and IR Code converter are integrated in the core app.

  • Better information on system start:

ORAC provides more detailed information while loading the app.

  • Better support of screen layouts

You can align elements based on the size and position of other elements. If the screen ratio of the target device is different to the screen ratio of your defintion, the adjustment of the elements has been approved

  • New definitions and interfaces

New Interfaces:  Android ADB control, Philips Jointspace. New definitions: Fire TV Panasonic TVs, Philips TVs

  • Removal of Kivy Launcher package:

As I do use some features, where the kivy launcher is missing system rights, I needed to remove the Kivy Launcher package

  • Removal of OSX package

I dont have a MAC and currently I am just to busy to tweak around with emulators to test OSX packages