Welcome to the ORCA Remote. ORCA(Open Remote Control Application) is designed to be the new future of software remotes application.


What is ORCA?


  • ORCA stands for Open Remote Control Application.
  • ORCA is designed as an Open Source Framework to provide Remote Control Capabilities
  • OS Support: Android, (IOS), Windows, (Linux), (IOS and Linux will come in future)
  • Hardware Support: Tablets, Phones, PC‘s
  • Communication Support: (W)LAN, IR, (extendable by interface plugins, eg Bluetooth, Home Automatisation)
  • Bi-Directional Support: ORCA can transmit and receive commands (if interface is bi-directional)
  • Control Target: Multimedia, Home Automatisation
  • Open Source, Non Profit application



  • Skinnable: Look and feel can be adjusted to user needs
  • Adjustable Layout: The layout is not hardcode and be adjusted as requiered
  • Multi Language Support: All screen messages are stored in external language files and can be selected
  • Unicode and 3rd party fonts support to support APAC region
  • Macro Support: Actions can be performed based on rule sets (far beyond Logitech Harmony capabilities)
  • Multi target support within one screen. Similar to Logitech Harmony , Activities are support to control several targets from one screen
  • Gesture Support: Gestures are supported to control your targets
  • Loadable Interfaces: Target Interfaces like WOL, Telnet, Eventghost, IR , JSON will be loaded at runtime and are scripted. 3rd party developer can contribute interfaces without adjusting the ORCA application

Target Market


  • There is a increasing demand for Remote Control Capabilites for tablets and large screen phones.
  • Current market solution are limited:
  • Requiere a web server
  • Supports only limited interfaces
  • Closed source and vendor specific
  • Limited layout and design capabilities
  • No support for macros / linked actions
  • Orca is designed to overcome these limitation
  • But: Unlimited options increases complexibity. At first step, the ORCA will target experienced IT users and integrators. Designers and wizards are planned for a second phase



  • ORCA is based an Kivy, a portable framework for Android, Windows, Apple and Linux
  • Screen design is based on XML description files for screen elements
  • Application logic are based on XML ruleset files
  • Skins can be selected by gui
  • Communication interfaces are script based (python) and will be loaded and executed at runtime
  • Communication interfaces can control multiple devices
  • Device setup will be handled by communication interface
  • Multiple communication interfaces and multiple devives can be used at the same time